How It Works

The Tuner Pro II utilizes the healing frequencies found modeled in a cat's purr. Our team carefully constructed 10 separate frequencies to support natural healing as well as four calculated specific algorithms or patterns to wake up or relax the nervous system through vagus nerve entrainment to maximize that support. The Tuner Pro II also has a gentle setting to aid those who are extra sensitive to vibration for both pets and their owners. 
  • How The Tuner Helps Our Pets Heal

    The patented Rezzimax®Tuner PRO II is a specially designed resonance tool with varied and static frequencies that work with you as you seek to tune and relax your pet’s entire body. The techniques and positions we will introduce here are intended to work generally (meaning throughout the entire body).

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  • How the Body Works with Pain and Healing

    How Our Bodies Respond to Stress 

    Most people know that when we get fearful or encounter a stressful situation, our central nervous system sets up for a fight, flight, fidget, or freeze response.

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  • The Magic of a Purr

    The vibrations of a cat’s purr have long puzzled scientists. Most agree that the larynx (voice box), the muscles that control it, and a neural oscillator are involved. The constant vibration still doesn’t make sense, they should either purr when inhaling or exhaling, not both. Why is it that if a cat can roar (lions, tigers, jaguars, leopards) then they can’t purr?

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